Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rubber Duckie Gardener Applique Pattern

Jodie's Sunbonnet Sue Rubber Duckie Applique Block Series

The happy and colorful Rubber Duckie is a perfect subject for quilts, and even better when paired with the idea of Sunbonnet Sue to create a collection of characters for quilt blocks.

Since I love duckies and quilting the two obviously had to meet. Several years ago I shared patterns for bird blocks on my web site so people could test them for a book I was working on. I'm using the same idea for my series of rubber duckie personalities based on the Sunbonnet Sue design that has been loved by quilters for generations. You can find each block on my web site for a limited tim: http://www.jodieandcompany/.

Are you wondering what kind of bush she's watering? A gum drop tree of course! What else would rubber duckies eat?!

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