Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Quilting Rubber Duckie--Pincushion?

I have the honor of being considered a national sewing instructor for the Bernina Sewing Machine Compnay. This means that not only do a get a wonderful loaner machine, I am also invited to a retreat each year. This past year was special as it was held at the Bernina factory in Steckborn, Switzerland.
Each year we have an informal challenge with fabulous prizes--just between us teachers. This year's theme was "I've got a Notion." The night before I left for Switzerland (this is serious stuff!) I heated up my glue gun, ran some basting stitches around a circle of blue terry cloth, stuffed it with Airtex stuffing, and glued the terry to a soap dish. Then I glued a Quilting Rubber Duckie to the terry cloth and stuck in some pins, and pins with beads (bubbles!) into the terry cloth. Voila! What everyone needs: A Rubber Duckie Pincushion! It won a prize. Oh that's right, everyone won a prize. Seriously, the event is a huge hoot as these are among the most creative people in the industry. My pincushion now sits on my sewing table as a remembrance of that magical trip.