Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We got press!

The Quilting Rubber Duckie has graced the pages of magazines, including this profile of me in Quilter's Home.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rubber Duckie Gardener Applique Pattern

Jodie's Sunbonnet Sue Rubber Duckie Applique Block Series

The happy and colorful Rubber Duckie is a perfect subject for quilts, and even better when paired with the idea of Sunbonnet Sue to create a collection of characters for quilt blocks.

Since I love duckies and quilting the two obviously had to meet. Several years ago I shared patterns for bird blocks on my web site so people could test them for a book I was working on. I'm using the same idea for my series of rubber duckie personalities based on the Sunbonnet Sue design that has been loved by quilters for generations. You can find each block on my web site for a limited tim: http://www.jodieandcompany/.

Are you wondering what kind of bush she's watering? A gum drop tree of course! What else would rubber duckies eat?!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Quilting Rubber Duckie Makes Her Debut at The Trade Show!

The duckies were supposed to be ready to sell at our industrtrade show in Houston at the end of October. Of course, there was a hold up at the factory and another p with the container getting to California, so we had a box air shipped to arrive at my hotel in Houston so I could show them off. With the craziness off preparing for Market and getting a film crew there, meetings, etc., I was surprised when I checked and was told I had a box awaiting me. "The Duckies!" Hopefully no one was in neighboring rooms heard as and squealed with delight as I opened the box in my room .

That evening, the day before the trade show opens, is the day distributors hold their sales meetings. I was told the duckie was shown full screen during a presentation in one of them!

To set the stage and spice up the openings to the new product shows we were filming at the quilting trade show in Houston (I run an internet TV network devoted to quilting) Karen Shields (Sales and Marketing Director) and I made some "finds" on the trade show floor. The folks at United Notions had created an adorable display with a duckie swimming in a dishpan--which Karen and I "discovered." You can watch it on

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mail Order Duckie!

The Quilting Rubber Duckie has appeared in mail order catalogs and in Web stores, such as this one, Keepsake Quilting. Doesn't she look great in print?