Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She's SO CUTE!

I don't know when I have anticipated something as much as I did the notice I received from designer Martini Discovolante in Second Life that the first edition of my 3D virtual rubber duckie was ready for me to see and meet. Hum, how does it compare to getting that first copy of one's book from the publisher? Still a thrill even after 30 of them! Or when my Quilting Rubber Duckie arrived from China. My excitement must have to do with the plans I have for this duckie. And being visual, getting to see her and then become her makes that vision become clearer and boosts me on to the next step.

Isn't Martini's Dodo bird wonderful? When I saw him I knew I had found the designer for my rubber duckie. And what a sense of humor!

Martni is the Dodo in this picture, putting the Duckie into a box so she can give it to me.

And here I'm the Duckie!

Now this is CUTE! The Duckie is looking up at my friend Althea. (BlueRose Fairylady in Second Life.) Althea was with me in Second Life as Martini demonstrated and then gave me the Duckie to become myself.

Here Martini is the Duckie working out some issues and Althea (center) and I are watching.

Here we are, from Colorado, Oklahoma and Georgia all together, conversing, and working on a project in real time, visually. That is Second Life!

Back to playing with the Duckie,
(a green screen in Second Life is up next)


My Virtual Rubber Duckie Me!

Watch me, as my Jodie Davis avatar in Second Life, meet the first rendition of my new Rubber Duckie avatar in-world, in Second Life.

I met Second Life designer Martini Discovolante in the virtual world and commissioned her to create a 3D virtual Rubber Duckie avatar designed after the real life quilting Rubber Duckie I had made a few years ago.

In this video, first Martini demonstrates the duckie and then gives me the duckie to try myself. It's a strange feeling turning from human into a rubber duckie. Even my perspective changes. It's a different view from the floor! And I, er, waddle.